Monday, Hour One-Retail Environment

I am an Interior Designer and I currently work in a Design Sales Position at a showroom. I also have the desire to build my own business and work as an independent designer. I just finished watching all the videos for Monday, Hour One and I’m wondering how is it possible for me to do my Monday Hour One and 2 hours of Focus Time when it’s my job to assist clients as they come in the door or take phone calls. I do have “down time” during the day, but there is no guarantee that it will be uninterrupted. If someone comes in the door I will need to assist them. I can not block off time to be uninterrupted unless I did this before I went to work which is possible because I am already early riser. The other thing I’m having trouble with is if I work 8 hours for someone else, have an hour daily commute, give 2 hours to my business in the morning and evenings for my family, I won’t have any time to meet with and start working for interior design clients. Thus, I’m considering giving up the retail sales job for doing work that will allow me to make the same or more amount of money in less time. I get paid by the hour (and commission) but there isn’t an option to do work less in exchange for more productivity. My thought was that if I have a different job I can take the extra time and put that into interior design clients as they start coming in the door. This way I could slowly build up my business while at the same time continue to earn an income. Also, if I have another position that allows me to set my own schedule I would have the opportunity to schedule uninterrupted time in my day and the ability to set my own schedule. I know that leaving a job just because you think it will give you something you currently don’t have (in this case time) could simply be “limited” thinking on my part and I just want to make sure that’s not what I’m doing here. If I leave this position I want it to be for right reason. I don’t want to quit here and then experience the same thing somewhere else all over again.