Monday Hour One "starter pace" too little for Impossible Goal

I’m so excited for 2021 to be the year I commit to my Impossible Goal using Monday Hour One.
Question – I’ve heard coaches recommend starting MHO with what you know you will commit to 100% so that you build your trust with yourself as you honour your calendar.
However – Impossible Goal requires that we plan 25 results per quarter with activity that is possibly beyond what we’ll 100% commit to that would allow us to build that trust – as suggested.
How do you suggest we reconcile this?
My thought right now is that IG is simply its own course – in a different league to “starting slowly to build trust”. And that I just need to jump in and deal with all the mind drama as it comes. But then I have another thought that tells me I’ll do better in the long term by easing into my IG by committing to a “starter paced calendar” the first week or so, as recommended by some coaches during MHO calls.
To back that up – even committing 100% to a pre-planned calendar for an entire week at what I’d call starter pace (Just absolute must do activities not quite at level I’ll need to get to to truly go for my IG) will be something I’ve not done before so that alone could be good enough (B minus commitment goal) to start with.

Is that okay? I’m so proud of myself for getting so clear on my thoughts ahead of time this year. Last year my goal and my 25 results per quarter were not nearly as clearly defined as I have made them for myself this year. I know I can get a lot out of this this time and am excited and want to prepare and start with the clearest of intentions.