Monday Hour One while employee and working on business

I don’t feel that I have time to do Monday Hour One on Mondays because:
– I have my morning routines (yoga, meditation, eating breakfast, writing journal)
– I don’t feel that I need to schedule my time as an employee (software developer) because I am just picking a new task from a backlog of things that needs to be executed. I ensure to write notes about what I did the day before to clearly communicate the value of my work. In essence, I don’t need to plan much to meet the expectations of my employer.
– what I really need to plan is my work towards becoming self-employed as
* life coach (yes, I am enrolled)
* I am also involved in a startup with 2 friends

Right now I have simply scheduled a block of 4 hours (16:30 – 20:30) every:
Tuesday to work on startup with friends
Wednesday to work on material from Self-Coaching Scholars
Thursday to work on life coach business

Included in these 4 hours are:
– thought download on desires for specific project similar to Monday hour one practice
– pick one item from the list to hyperfocus my energy on for the remaining 3.5 hours
– included in the 4 hours is the freedom to practice mindfulness exercises or thought downloads whenever I feel depressed or my brain starts to implode.

You recommend in the Monday hour one class that you should constrain yourself to ONE major goal.
I think that I have three major goals.
They are highly intertwined (startup with friends is about health supplements, life coaching business will be about mental health, Self-Coaching Scholar study is for my mental health)

I am telling myself that these three major topics are solid columns for me to build my house on.
My house consists of
– freedom to manage my time near 100%
– financial freedom
– allow myself to devote myself to topics that interest me the most (staying physically, mentally and socially healthy)

I also question myself if I spread myself too thin.

If you answer this question by “If you decide to, you will succeed in all 3 goals” I want to ask you, what if I had 30 similarly big goals simultaneously? A person only has 24 hours in a day + a certain amount of will power + a certain amount of attention span.

//love and care