Monday Hour One & working full-time and building a business.

I am working my way through Monday Hour One. I’ve resisted adding this to my life since starting Scholars two months ago for two reasons.

1. It’s going to require me to create a plan and stick to it
2. I don’t know how I can make it work for me while choosing not to stay within the guidelines.

As I build my client base for my coaching business I am choosing to continue my employment. There’s a lot of things I could do during the week to help me do both more efficiently and I know this is a fact because I operate far too much out of my primitive brain. I’m not looking for someone to tell me it’s okay or not okay to work through the weekend because right now, I’m choosing that. But here’s what I want. A plan for the weekend and scheduled rest and free time that feel like a day off.

So, I’m wondering how to do this. Do I use Monday Hour One – Friday Hour Done and have a separate plan for the weekend? Or Monday Hour One, Sunday Hour Done. That feels terrible. Like there is no rest.

It might sound ridiculous but this matters. I’m feeling a ton of resistance and realize my mind is drumming up a lot of drama over this. In reality, I don’t “want” to work over the weekends. I’m choosing to, for now.

Any guidance or questions to reflect on is appreciated. I’m going to go back to the videos and finish learning the process because regardless, I’m doing something because what I’m doing (which is a sloppy mess of nothing) isn’t working.