Money (2)

I want to live a life of financial abundance. I want to have way more money in my checking accounts than my expenses, and be earning way more money than my expenses. Right now, it feels like I’m always running around trying to get money together every month. I pay something, only to have something else that I have to stress over and pay for

C: Money
T: I never have enough money
F: Anxiety
A: Judge myself for spending on other things, wish I hadn’t taken out a loan or spent on my credit card, wish I didn’t have to pay rent, take quick jobs in order to make money quickly, throw out random offers in my business. Judge myself for doing tasks in my business that don’t make money because I can’t afford an assistant, say I have too much work to do
R: I create the experience of never having enough money
I don’t make money

Can you help me break this cycle?