I’m getting really frustrated with not making any money. I show up, I give value, I seriously am being 100% myself which I think is great, and nobody reaches out to me.

I’ve looked at my beliefs, I’ve tweaked them into something that serves me better and nothing. Absolutely nothing.

So I evaluate that and think okay well this just must not be for me. It makes me feel so defeated that I stop showing up all together.

I just don’t understand how I can show up twice a week for three months and have 0 consults, 0 clients from that.
I’m serving at my highest level and truly giving people things they want to hear that can change their life.

I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I held the belief that this is going to work but seriously I’ve made $1k in a year.
I can’t live off that, luckily my husband supports the family just fine but I like making money,

I’ve always made money.
I sold my 6-figure business because I thought this was going to be a great business for me and so far I want to give up.

I just seriously don’t understand why people don’t reach out to me.
I always believed clients are always coming until they weren’t. My beliefs have completely shifted over the past year because of the evidence I look at.

I really want to know what is holding me back, where I’m going wrong, so I can fix it and actually make money.

I’m done having this business as a hobby and want to get going with my life.

I’m even close to having to end Scholars because I’m not going to have any money to pay for it. I thought I would for sure make enough by now that it wouldn’t be an issue but three months later and absolutely nothing has changed.

I’ve done the work, I’ve gone to my private coaching session each week.
I don’t even recognize myself anymore because the lack of results. I’ve always gotten stuff done and done what I say I’m going to do.
In my eyes I am failing because the lack of results in my business. I just really can’t believe in over a year I’ve made $1k. It’s embarrassing and I wish I could be more compassionate with myself which I’ve been working on but it’s like come on, let’s go, let’s get this figured out so we can move on.

Please help me.