Money (5)

I want to change my financial reality, and I’m having the thought that nothing has changed. Part of the reason for why I think this is because I’ve recently been quite worried about money, and it’s created avoidance. I realise that I used avoidance in many areas of my life and not just with money, but money I’m noticing particularly as it’s the day before my rent is due and I hadn’t submitted any invoices to get paid or even addressed that I don’t have money for rent and this creates panic

C: Money
T: I don’t have any money
F: Fear
A: Avoid looking at my numbers, avoid trying to find a solution, avoid thinking about it, tell myself “oh on the next sales call they will sign up” miss credit card payment, say I’ll call them and then don’t, work on podcast, self-coach on money, hang out with friends, apply for jobs, don’t prepare, say it’s going to take a long time to get money coming in, worry about how to create money immediately, worry about not being able to pay rent , judge self for avoiding situation, say I should have sorted this out sooner , make a joke about it in front of friends, don’t prioritise making money on my calendar, talk to guys hinge
R: I don’t create any money / Create negative balance / Fear not having money and I create it

Intentional model:
C: Money
T: It can change in an instant
F: Resourceful, inspired,
A: I prep for jobs, apply for jobs, I priority looking at the numbers in my business, I problem solve my offer and keep trying and tweaking until I get the results I want, I call credit card company and organise a repayment, I evaluate model on how i created this result, treat myself with respect, I visualise it working
R: I get a job, I sign 4 clients, I pay bills and expenses from a place of overflow