Money Beliefs? Maybe Self Doubt? Maybe wrong Niche?

Hi Brooke!

( I wrote in to be coached live today, but Lauren has directed me here…Thanks!)

I really want to be coached on my mindset surrounding my clients. This may be a question for the entrepreneur call or the VIP call, but I’m going to ask for coaching anyway.

I am a life coach, working with Mom’s and GrandMom’s that have adult children that are drug and alcohol addicted.

I typically have a free coaching session scheduled once a week. Not enough! I have 500 people on my list and it’s growing.

We get on the phone and they are so distraught that I end up giving everything I have to get them to a place of feeling better, of feeling validated and understood.

Then when the call is about to be over, I can’t bring myself to offer them my program which I know would help them overcome their struggles and challenges because they tell me during the call that they can’t afford anything more to help their kids. I have already determined that my coaching is too expensive. I leave the call feeling like I’m some kind of fraud taking their money for their misery. My program is $1500 for 3 months and $750 for 6 weeks. I can’t even bring myself to say it.

I have done model after model about this. I have been with you since May and your program has changed my life. How do I change another’s life based on telling them that their thinking is causing their feelings when they are in a constant state of guilt and worry. I know my coaching will change their lives, because it’s changed mine, but I get into this mindset that I’m here to help and not take their money. I somewhat would feel responsible for coaching them on taking their life back and taking 100% responsibility for their own lives. They seem to just want to feel heard and understood, not so much being healed.

I’m struggling with this so much.

Because of the subject matter of drug abuse and alcoholism, I am having trouble asking for money to coach these women. Am I in the wrong Niche? I love talking with them and interacting with them through my Newsletter and Blog, and my mini sessions, but what I have trouble with is pitching my coaching program that I know will help them become the women they are meant to be. I know, because I was there.

Asking for help….