Money Beliefs & Self Confidence Anchor

I am in the process of finding an anchor thought to improve my Model.

I’ve realized that I have low belief in my ability to make money, and I am in the loop of thoughts that are:

“I can make it as a coach.”
> “I just need A, B, C (narrow my niche, read another article/course on funnels/write down IG strategy) – (which is just another way of avoiding actually trying stuff/ideas out)
>> “I don’t have a clear idea of the niche”
>>> “I actually don’t think I can earn anything…”
>>>>”Who will pay me?!”

And I do know where those thoughts come from – my most recent work experience was not well paid and I took it personally. Now my brain discards this experience altogether and does not ‘use’ it as previous experience of success and money earning.

I now understand the process behind it and I want to have an anchor thought that I could use…But I cannot think of any – could you give an example of a thought that might help to break this looping?