Money Coach niche

Hi, I decided that my niche as a coach would be money and I am super excited about it. I decided to coach underearning women entrepreneurs make more money in their businesses. Many women are interested in what I have to say but I don’t have much consults (signed my first client with that niche last week). My following on social media is growing and I see a lot of interest when I talk about what I do in networking events. And yet, I struggle with getting consults. Maybe my offers aren’t good enough yet, but I am starting to ask myself if I have picked the right market. I listened to Brooke’s latest biz call and her saying “pick a niche that has money to pay you” struck a cord. I believe these women need what I offer. I used to be one of them and I would have LOOOOVED to find out a coach like that BUT at the same time, I remember being in such scarcity mode back then that I would have probably not invested either. Did I pick the wrong niche or should I just double down on my marketing efforts ?