Money Coaching Biz

Formula For Value Creation:

1. Who is it for?
Specific group of people I will serve?
Women, in their late 20s-30s.

2. What is the problem they’re willing and able to pay to solve?
They are feeling stressed about money, they are always worried and feel guilty when they spend money on the things they want, going out, shopping, vacations. They try to pay down debt and save up money but can’t seem to make progress without unexpected expenses coming up and bringing them back to step one.

3. Create an awesome and sellable solution
What is the experience they will go through and what they will learn?
They will learn about how to get debt paid off faster, actually save up money, feel more confident and in control of their money and be able to enjoy life while making progress towards their goals.

I have a process that helps you ..
What would make their dream come true??
Having money saved, feeling secure and at ease with money, being able to enjoy dinners, trips and time off work without worrying about paying their bills.

I feel like something is missing and I’m not sure how to take this and make it into a compelling offer.