Money Coaching Biz

I’ve been watching the “double your business in 3 months.”

Brooke talked about the formula: Offers – No’s =Yes’s

Mine thus far is 14 (actual consults-is that an official offer?)-12 no’s = 2 yes’s

She says if a lot of your people can’t afford you to pick new people.

I am helping people who struggle with money mindset, want to pay off debt, save more money and get ahead financially. They currently feel like they have a bad relationship with money. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean my people can’t afford me – many of them CAN afford me, they just THINK they can’t. Every single NO was literally because it is too much.

Do I need to get more no’s? Is there specific questions I should ask?
Am I just not overcoming their objection well? Or should I consider new people?