Money discomfort of the best kind.

I have been coaching in my own practice for three years and have developed a method that is derived from many different modalities and resources. Last year was a difficult year and I almost gave up my dream of being a successful coach. In December I filed for bankruptcy and over the last 4 months my business has thrived going from $850 income in December to 20K this month. (April). I am over joyed that the hard work is paying off and that the relationships that I have been working so hard on developing are now bringing financial prosperity into my life.

At the same time I can hear my gremlins talking in the background of my mind. Thoughts like “Now you have to really SHOW UP”. “Now the work gets hard.” “You better know what you are doing” “Now spend ALL the money”. These thoughts are dampening the joy of what I have created and causing doubt to creep in. I know these thoughts are not real and that I am an amazing coach, yet they are still there. I want to continue to build great abundance and financial wealth so my question is how do I re-frame what I am experiencing so that my thoughts serve me and not sabotage me?