Money For LCS Coaching Certification

I have the money for LCS Coaching certification. I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to do it, and it was as if the stars aligned. I got an incredible bonus from work and was approved for a small loan to cover the rest. All that’s left is clicking the button on Buy Now.

Now my brain is saying all the things to stop me or scare me. I didn’t plan on that. I thought the previous commitment would stay the entire time.

The most painful thought I have is, “This is like flushing money down the toilet.” or “This is a waste.”

My brain is confused. But really, I want this because I am building a coaching business. I really believe the tools, opportunities, and relationships built in this program will be epic, and that doubt will come along for the ride.

C – Money for LCS coaching certification
T – This is a waste
F – Doubt
A – I second-guess myself. I think of all the other things I can do with the money. I don’t fully show up.
R – I waste resources.