Money mindset (EV)

Hey there Brooke,

I was having such an awesome thought download today until I asked my brain “ hey what do you think about making 100k by December?”

I’m closer to believing that it’s possoble but I’m not believing that my future weight loss clients would pay me the amount I would want to ask for.

I have a 6 week program and wanted to price is at $497 which feels super high.

I know it’s my belief that I don’t think I’m offering anything good.

I feel like I’m giving basic information that shouldn’t be priced so high.

I know it’s all about my marketing and speaking to their one problem they would pay for.

I’d help them learn how to listen to their bodies for hunger cues, eat nutritious and Whole Foods and learn how to create bought that create love for themselves and their bodies.

While most people sell quick fix diets — I want to give them something that is actually sustainable and improves their own self control over their life and health.

That sounds like something of high value of course but I just don’t believe (yet) that I can charge a higher amount.

So I keep trying to lower the price to the $200s because that’s what I’ve seen priced for health programs.

I have also seen a few programs in the higher ticket price which blows my mind.

Here’s my model:

C- pricing programs at $500
T- I don’t know if they’ll pay that amount
F- worried
A- hide, delay getting clients, lower my prices
F- people don’t pay me the price I would have wanted

C-pricing programs
T- There are people that pay for high priced programs
A-learn from people who price higher, work on becoming an awesome coach, figure out how to give my people exactly what they want from a program with a ton of value
R- closer to believing that I can get high paying clients

I find it funny that I can’t jusify myself charging a high ticket price but I paid you 8k for a 6 day Masterclass.

Any advice/input would be wonderful.

Thanks Brooke

Liz ❤️