Money model feedback

I’m starting to zone in on some thoughts that are holding me back from creating money. I currently work part time and my income Is about equal to my expenses. I want to use that time to create more than enough money, doing something I love and offering my gifts to the world.

Some thoughts coming up are:

I don’t know what I have to offer, it’s not valuable enough to earn me money, nobody wants things from me that I have to offer for money, I have to struggle to offer my gifts to the world, I don’t know what my gifts are or how it all lines up.

Here’s my intentional model:

C – work part time, income equal to expenses
T I have so much to give (this doesnt feel quite right)
F – willing
A – provide tons of value to the world, use my unique gifts and skills, learn and grow, don’t beat myself up, move towards my goals and dreams, do what inspires me, receive money
R – I make more than enough money and love how I do it

Something feels off here. Would love feedback!