Money, money, money….

I have been an entrepreneur for a few years now and I still have an issue with asking my clients for their payments. Some of my clients are friends or even family, and in this case I just don’t ask at all but just hope and pray they will pay. Another thing I do is very quickly lower my rates when a new potential client starts negotiating with me – this happens so automatically that before know it I have blurted out something like ‘Sure! for you a 50% discount!’ And then in my head I am immediately like, ‘What the hell did I just do???!!!’ but it’s over. Lately I have tried to be more firm regarding my fees and I am losing clients. I don’t believe my rates are too high so something else is going on. I could really use some suggestions on how to begin tackling this issue. I know that some fear is underneath all of this but I can’t get clear enough to even begin doing models. Help! xo