Money Niche Decided!

Ok, based on your previous feedback (I wrote in once with a money question as a CFP/Coach), I have decided on my niche:

[Newly] married couples who recognize that they have different money histories/backgrounds but who want to get on the same page financially and be able to communicate about money better. They know it will be good for their marriage but have never been taught how to talk about money in an effective way (because who has? :). I help them by teaching them the model to manage their own money beliefs, teaching them the manual so they don’t try to control the other person, and eventually giving them financial strategies as a CFP, so they can have a great relationship AND achieve their money goals together.

I plan to develop a 12-week program for couples to take in their first year of marriage that includes coaching and a financial plan. I think it would be great to partner with wedding planners, officiants and other marriage therapists. I also am considering launching a podcast called “For Richer or Poorer (… and Everything in Between”) or “Just Moneyed! (like Just Married).

I would love your thoughts because I have bounced back and forth between niches for a long time. I also love working with women and business owners/entrepreneurs and could see also doing a great program around money working with these groups.

One concern I have is coaching two people at once who are having a conflict together, as opposed to coaching individuals 1:1; but I think you said it would be better to coach them together. I also wonder if it’s narrow enough.