Monthly business coaching membership

I just launched my new monthly business coaching membership and I have 53 members enrolled. Yay.

It’s a combo of Frank Kern style Hotseats (on marketing and content strategy) and Brooke’s calls. We’ve had 2 live Coaching Sessions so far and it’s hard to get to everyone – so many people want coaching. Therefore I think I will add extra calls to accomodate demand and/or do the Hotseats more quickly – narrow the scope of what I can cover with each person.

My question: Do you have any advice on the “ideal” number of people? My guess is there are multiple hundreds in Scholars (??) and what do you do if people request coaching but Brooke doesn’t get to them? I’m worried about not giving enough value but at the same time, financially I need more members to make the numbers work.
Thanks in advance.