Monthly coaching membership – always open for enrollment

Hi, Brooke!

Can you give me insight on the coaching package I sell on my site please? I’m a weight loss coach and offer a monthly membership program for custom training plans at $397 a month. Gals can join my program at any time since theyre sent the consultation form and I can create their plan and have it loaded into my app for them within 72 hours (so they can start right away versus waiting for the beginning of the month…) but my question is: does this model hinder me from clients joining since 1) my price is listed on my site, and 2) is open for enrollment always? I have it set up this way since im consistently marketing my program and have gals interested all throughout the month so the “strike while the iron is hot” mentality has been mine throughout BUT sign ups are so random and uncontrolled and im wondering if theres a better/smarter way to do this? Appreciate your feedback tremendously. Thanks!!