Monthly evaluation

I would like to evaluate the past month.

My business is under 100K so my goal was to make offers that gave me direct answers from the clients so I could study the no’s.

My 2 main thoughts were:

– Just do as Brooke said
– What marketing actions can I take that I would really enjoy taking?

Here are the actions I took:

I started the month making offers for my membership and my private coaching: the call to action was to book a call with me first.

The reason why I wanted them to book a call is that I could get some direct answers so I could learn something from them.

Note – I notice that I didn’t really sell the call this month, I just informed people that the first step to join was to book a call first.

It is only today that I wrote a post that was selling the booking.

“If you have a question about getting coached by me, nothing beats a real discussion. The call that I offer you before joining the membership is not me “selling” my coaching to you. Its purpose is to answer your questions so that we can see together if my coaching can suit what you are looking for. I don’t want you to spend $60 if it isn’t the right fit for you. I also don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to follow my coaching which gives so many results to those who benefit from it. I am available this week for free appointments. Registrations are open until April 30. Let me know if you are interested.”

I had one client booking a call for the membership. She was a yes.
I had one client who was already in my membership booking a call for my private coaching. She was a yes.

The past 2 weeks I also started to do free coaching sessions live in my FB group.

That action was my answer to the question: what marketing actions can I take that I would really enjoy taking?
My goals here were:

– to give value to my client ahead of time so they can trust me and my coaching
– to have fun in my marketing

During those free sessions, I made offers. I noticed that I just gave them the information about my offer.
I didn’t really sell it. I didn’t really coach them through it.


I kind of count on my clients to sell themselves on my offer.
T: “They can see how valuable my coaching is. They get so much value ahead of time. They just need to know that subscriptions are open.”

My guess is that it is coming from a lack of awareness of the importance of selling when making offers. I don’t even really realize when Brooke is selling me on something. I am just telling myself “she is so right!” It doesn’t look like she is selling me on something from where I stand. She is just giving me awareness about something I didn’t know so I can make my own decision from that.

Me not selling is not coming from fear of selling or from fear of doing something I have never done before (like “but I don’t know how to sell”).

Yesterday I made a video for the clients in my membership to offer them my private coaching

Here is how I did it: I offered them to book a call with me if they needed to talk to me privately about their coaching journey.

“If you are asking yourself these questions:
Should I continue my coaching?
Should I stop?
Is it normal that I am “only” there?
How long will I have to stay in the group?
Should I switch to private coaching?
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
All the answers to these questions are in the video above.
I invite you to book a call to share with me where you are.”

I guess I did a good job at selling that offer because I did get answers: I have 4 clients that replied back telling me that they were happy to stay in the membership.

I count them as no’s to my private coaching.

The T I had when taking that action was: “I want my clients to know about all the options available for them so they could reach their goal faster: quit the membership, stay in the membership or get private coaching.”

My goals for the next month are :

– to improve my “selling” skills
– to make offers that give me a direct answers
– to keep exploring what I enjoy doing
– I also would like to get clarity about my actions ahead of time. Until now I improvise from day to day.

So I guess I could try to take those goals one by one, decide what actions I could take to create them and put them in a calendar

And of course, find the F and the T I will need to make them happen.

I would appreciate some feedback here. Thank you.