Monthly expenses on my credit card are keeping business running

In Brook’s Money course, I love that she teaches debt allows us to keep underearning. I totally understand that, but until my coaching business brings in consistent revenue every month, I use credit cards to pay for my monthly expenses. I’ve done multiple expense audits and have streamlined my business so it’s a very lean operation and I believe more consistent income months are in the making. Until then, I don’t see how I can grow my business without using credit.

C – business credit cards
T – If I stop using credit, I can’t keep my business operating smoothly
F – perplexed, unsure, graspy
A – keep using credit; focus on debt instead of attracting new clients and generating new income
R – disrupt my business; continue to use credit

C – business credit cards
T – It is possible to increase monthly income while paying off debt
F – determined
A – increase monthly income by attracting more clients
R – be able to pay off business expenses every month in full

Is there another way I should approach paying off debt while still using credit cards?