More offers . . .

Seeking clarity –

I am currently earning $500 K plus/year. And I am planning on earning $500 K with this 3 months with the Business Program.

I have the processes set out, but I have been at a place, where a lot of my offers for my online courses are in fact announcements. They work for me, and I can see how I can add on “offers” as Brooke explains them. It’s kind of exciting and fun.

The piece I am unclear about is this…
I have seen lots of announcements from Brooke – via ads, emails about certification and I have been a no, some for some of her online programs she offered publicly (how to be interesting, entrepreneurial management), …. but those wouldn’t have counted for her 290500 or so no’s (or whatever the number was)…. because I didn’t email back and say “no”.

It also seemed like she was addressing more of the $10 k – $100 K when she spoke about the offers as she did.

So that is what I am wondering. Is the face-to-face offer where you can get a clear yes or no vs what I now refer to announcement – more for the first $100 K?
Since I already have offers that work?

I am going to add more face-to-face offers just because… but still would like to be clear on her focus with that instruction.