Mothers With ADHD as a Coaching Niche

I am interested in becoming certified through the LCS and I am wondering if I will need to get further certification through another school to become an ADHD certified coach. If you have LCS coaches who have gone this route, I would like to know their names so I could ask about their experience working in this niche.

From my research into the subject of ADHD coaching and therapy, the experts agree that a coach or therapist must get specific training to work with the ADHD brain since ADHD people are not neurotypical. I would love it if the LCS offered a training specific to ADHD, similar to the trainings offered for over-drinking, over-eating, etc. but this is not available.

I’m curious to know if Brooke has an opinion on whether a LCS trained coach can effectively coach ADHD brains without specific ADHD coach certification.