Motivating my staff

I’ve found certain members of my management team has been coming up short in getting things done, getting back to people in a timely fashion, just generally showing a lack of ownership of their roles and what they’re supposed to be doing. They can’t even do simple things like cc’ing everyone on an email so that we’re on the same page. Everyone has been working from home (normally all staff work at their respective sites) and I had chalked it up to “covid-brain” but at this point I’m losing my patience and my business partner (who is not an SCS) is ready to snap. How can get everyone working up to their full potential, even under these stressful circumstances? I feel like it’s my fault and not my fault at the same time.
Here’s a model I came up

C Employees X, Y, and Z are not getting their tasks done.
T Nobody can get anything done unless I babysit them.
F Angry. Frustrated
A Speak to them about ownership and taking charge of situations. Reminders of the work and process. Email check-ins. Weekly phone calls to go over things. Complain about them to my partner.
R I give up on it and assign their work to someone who can get it done or do it myself.