How much to spend on FB ads?


I’m absorbing all of Claire’s great guidance on developing FB ads. How much do you think one should spend per month on targeted FB ads? I budgeted for $250 per month, but I have no idea if that’s good.

Background: My business is brand new. I’m still at the stage of generating traffic to my website, growing my list. I have an e-book on my business coaching model as my freebie, and I launched with tons of content and case studies with short 1 minute videos on a YouTube channel which I then embed into relevant blog posts. I’m currently writing for 6 subscribers. So I have a lot to plug, but even as I learn the mechanics of FB ads, the questions about budgeting and how long to run an ad feels a little like shooting in the dark.

Any strong opinions on this? I’m certainly OK with spending money to learn, but if there are any guidelines to use as a spring board, that would be awesome.

Also – where will the legacy business Ask Brooke questions be housed?

Thanks very much,