Multiple Niches

I’m a “multi-passionate” entrepreneur. I don’t want to narrow down what I offer or talk about. Here is what I’ve come up with.

I help empaths, highly-sensitive people, achievement addicts and people pleasers:

1. End the burnout cycle and find balance without sacrificing quality of life (health without compromising wealth). They might Google “why am I so tired all the time” or “how can I get more energy”. The might be looking for “how to better manage time” or “how to work less without losing money”, or “how to find more work-life balance” or “how to stop being so miserable” or “how to be happier” or “how to get a new job”.

2. Reclaim mental + physical vitality with ancestral diets (health). They might google “why does no diet ever work for me” or “diet for mental health” or “how to get rid of brain fog” or “how to get rid of depression or anxiety naturally” or “how to stop food cravings”.

3. Create soul-aligned, abundant + conscious businesses / careers that reflect their true passions. They might google “what is my life purpose” or “how do I leave corporate and start my own business” or “how can I change my career mid-life”

4. Find the courage to live your most authentic life with bold confidence. They might google “how to overcome anxiety” or “why can’t I be myself?” or “overcome social anxiety” or “how to be more confident around friends and family” or “how to have more confidence at work” or “why can’t I make a big leap?”

5. Remember who you really are. They might google “why am I always having an existential crisis” or “why can’t I just be happy” or “is this all there is to life” or “how to overcome depression” or “how to find meaning in my life”.

Can I do all of them? I’m marketing them all to the same audience and, unsurprisingly, I’m in this audience, and have googled all of these things.

My thought was to write blogs / podcasts for each of these 80 topics I’ve come up with, post the vids on Youtube, and make instagram posts that link to the blog, and collect email lists and sell through that. But – what am I selling? I want to help people with ALL of these things.

Do I have to pick one? Or, could I potentially have programs that incorporate all of them? I’m not afraid of programs or online courses, I love content creation. The idea of limiting myself to talking only about one thing feels stifling, and I find that Brooke talks about many different things. I guess her SOLUTION to all of the things she talks about can be found in the model….And honestly, I think the solution to all of my things could be in one program, too. I just don’t know how to word that, like, I don’t have a “system” like the model.

But all of these things can be fixed by restoring body (stop eating inflammatory food + intermittent fasting) mind (ie: thought work), and spirit (shadow work, internal family systems therapy, breath work, and inner child healing).

Can someone help me out with a direction?