My All In Brain

Brooke, I joined Dec. 3rd for Jan, 1 2018 start. Mind blown, pretty much daily. Long story short-I enrolled for Aug Coach training. I have such a long story on how all the stars aligned to find u but I will spare u the long story!😉 Anyway, I’ve fought my weight for 30 plus years, 4 yrs ago I lost 42 lbs on low fat, eating 5-6 times per day. I started a closed FB page and posted daily and grew it it to over 1000 people. Of course long story, life happened, I stopped posting, gained 50 lbs back. So here I am! Started getting my crap together in the Fall 2017 and started to lose weight right after Thanksgiving then found u a week later! Since then I’ve gone ALL IN ON ALL YOUR MATERIALS! I’ve lost 17 lbs so far and will have a majority of my 55 lbs off by Aug training. That is my MAIN GOAL right now. My new belief this month is I WILL LOSE 55 lbs in 2018. So here is why I’m at Ask Brooke. My brain is exploding! I’ve watched Jody say on two diff occasions to wait to work on website etc till after coach training. I’m back posting on my FB health page and documenting my weight loss journey in a closed forum. Yes it is growing members almost daily. I come from sales so I will have no problem in that area once starting my business. Where I’m “overwhelmed” is what can I work on beside my thought work and weight loss between now and August. I’ve looked at all the people that y’all have learned ( Frank Kern Amy Porterfield, Etc) from but want to organize my days to get focused on August training. I’ve been a stay at home mom for 14 yrs (2 teenage boys like u) so podcasts, YouTube, email mktg, FB ads, mics, editing video, websites, wide angle lenses, etc. has me wanting to go to overwhelm but that will not serve me. I want to organize my 8 hour day between now and Aug with being a ALL In student. What can I focus on? I can sale, I can handle rejection, I know how to gain n lose weight like nobody’s businesss but when it comes to writing a program or copy is WHERE I feel stuck. Do I work on learning this part between now and then? How do I organize my day? I’ve looked at all your people u recommend but what should I learn how to do first? I feel like writing content should be my first goal beside my daily thought work and losing weight. Help! Is this the right direction to take? Do I organize my day by thought work, how to make a podcasts, how to edit video, how to write content, etc. My brain wants to go to ” you can’t possibly learn all this new technology” but I’m to stubborn n too determined to allow that thought for more than a second. Just need help with direction!