My Biz Experiement

Hi Brooke,

Last month my impossible goal was made to make 10K online class revenue for 2018. I set the goal to launch my first program of the year with 10 paid participants (to begin on New Years Day) for a beta program and by the time the early bird pricing closed I had just 2 people signed up.

At that point I probably would have normally slowed or stopped promotion altogether and refunded the two people who paid telling them the class was postponed. However because of the epic fail goal I decided to go outside my comfort zone, send double the number of emails I normally would. I also tried something new in sending out an email with an offer for people to send me a question or struggle they are having around the course topic and I would respond to them personally in a mini-coaching email. Normally I would never offer to do something free of charge that would be so time consuming.

The result: I received a number of responses to that email and rather than just write back, I recorded myself answering each question personally and sent a personalized clip to everyone who submitted. It took some time, but it was great to see what my community was struggling with and connected me with people in my community who I have not met in person but have read my work, listened to my podcast or read one of my books. I filled all of the ten spots I was hoping for an most of them came from offering that free 5 minute personalized answer.

A big thanks to you for your challenge and to Suzy who I had tutor me on this project!