My brain is FREAKING out!

I’m feeling rather stuck right now. I’m working to get clarity on my target market/niche, and I thought I had it. But I’m really struggling because I don’t feel 100% confident in it. I’m really nervous that no matter what I pick, what I do won’t be clear enough to my audience and I still won’t have success building my client base. I’ve been struggling to build my business for so long, and my current business mentor has told me repeatedly that it’s not clear what I do or who I help. I’m currently a nutritionist/health coach, but really not getting much traction. I think a big sticking point for me is that I don’t have a huge transformational story with my own weight loss or health, and I really want to focus on mind/body wellness rather than weight loss, but I’m stuck in the story that people only hire health professionals to lose weight or target some other very specific health condition. If I’m not explicitly targeting weight loss, what am I targeting? I love the idea that I help people create balance in their lives and transform their health by changing their thinking, but that doesn’t seem specific enough.

I know I want to work with creative and purpose driven millennial women. I know I want to help them with mindset, self-sabotage, and creating the lives they dream about. Because I’ve been feeling disillusioned with the weight loss and health industries, I was going in the direction of life coaching. I really love the approach Marie Forleo and Jen Sincero take, but it occurred to me that it seems life coaching needs to be in the context of something. Why do people see life coaches? To help them so they can make/have more money, improve their relationships, or improve their health. I know Brooke focuses on all of these, but how did she start? If I just want to be a life coach to help creative and purpose driven millennial women change their thinking so they can get what they want in these areas, that STILL seems too broad/vague. I don’t really want to be a strictly business or relationship coach (I just don’t feel I’m totally qualified or passionate enough about those), so I feel the direction that takes me is back to wellness.

My ideal is to do holistic or mind/body life/wellness coaching for the creative and purpose driven millennial woman. Again, what exactly does that mean? What exact problems to I solve? We’d work on self-love/self-care (changing thinking to create a healthier relationship with the body), self-sabotage, finding balance with career/relationships/physical health, creating a healthier relationship with food, designing an intentional life that allows for my ideal client’s goals of travel, contribution, connection, and financial freedom. All of this (especially the last one) excites me and I feel like it would be valuable to people, but is it too vague? Too much? How do I make it more coherent in order to attract the clients I’d love to serve?