My business name – Self Coaching

Before I met Brooke I enrolled in a coaching workshop and my instructor said she was going to be changing her focus to Self Cosching and her niche would be holistic self Coaching. I fell in love with the concept. I thought that with all of the personal development that I do and read about what I really need to do is to learn how to self coach. Then I could just coach myself instead of investing in all of the coaching that I do. I have hired a life coach, dating coach and parenting coach. I love learning.

Now I am a certified ICF coach and I am working to make enough money to take Brooke’s coaching program. I am ready to create my business and my Niche is weightloss for new stepmoms – how t find that time for ‘you’ again with all of the new roles you have in your life.

I want to call my business something to do with Self Coaching because I do want to use some of the tools l have learned here. I am a diamond scholar.
My question is why don’t the certified life coaches with the school use Self Coaching in their titles and websites when they (Corrine, Katrina, Stacey and Jodi for example) all teach self Coaching in their businesses?

My ideas for businesses are ‘Align Coaching. Self Coaching for weight losss for busy stepmoms’