My business name

I’ve recently found out the name I finally came up with for my business (it took over a year), and a name I’ve used to create a brand for the past year is in the process of getting the trademark registered by another company!

I was going in that direction, but they beat me to it, and I thought I had time! I’m afraid to keep the name and would hate to get a cease and desist letter one day down the road when I’m up and running and successful! Still trying to understand the trademark laws and the likelihood of ever getting such a letter.

The question is, I’m having trouble coming up with another name. Every day I give it some time and energy, trying not to force it. I want the name to have meaning, as I’m sure most people do.

Phonetically it must sound right, and lastly, from a branding perspective, I want it short and look good on paper!

Does the Life Coach School have a philosophy about naming your business?