My Clients are Strippers…

I am a Life Coach for Strippers. I have been consistently making my income goals as a Coach since Sept 2019.
I went from HOPING I’d get clients all last year, to KNOWING how to generate clients this year. It was very exciting. I knew I was generating clients with the value I create and was seeing the results of new clients coming in.

Now strip clubs in the U.S. are closed due to the pandemic and my income went down by 2/3 due to clients who said that they can’t pay for coaching now that they’re out of work. (I see how this is just their thinking and how we can pay for things if we really want to). I also realize that this is their models, not mine. However, I am now thinking of how I can get new clients in asap to replace that lost income.

Is this one of those times where I just carry on as usual and trust that I’m building my business regardless of circumstances and that eventually I’ll have plenty of clients?

Or should I be focusing on producing circumstance-specific content and selling that so I can still produce income for myself right now?

Or both?

I think I’m having doubts that they’ll be willing to buy right now even though I KNOW I can help them. Is this a matter of working on that belief? I’ve been working on it but it doesn’t seem compelling enough to get me into action…..

Thought suggestions welcome! 😉