My clients goals – am I doing enough?

I’m a womens weight loss coach and coach my clients a lot on their mindset… I am also a certified personal trainer and write their custom workout programs.

My predominant thought is “I’m doing it wrong” and “it’s not good enough” about my work/coaching, which I can see are thoughts, and when I think these I feel doubt/confusion, and I’m now noticing my actions are to talk about ALL things weight loss within my program, more so mindset than anything, less exercise focused or meal plan strategy/education focused, which is what I’m contemplating “is THAT in their R line and they would be happy investing given that’s their outcome? And all of this extra stuff isn’t NEEDED”

One example, I write amazing workouts for my clients. When they do them, they get incredible results. I rarely talk about this though within my marketing and even with my clients as motivating/educational/helpful content to inspire action. My aha was that all my clients want when they hire me is to lose weight and stay consistent with working out, and maybe I’ve been putting too much pressure on myself? To do ALL the things and grow in all the ways versus dialing in to the basics and just cycling through the beginner topics like working out WITH me, exercise motivation, exercise WHY, how to meal plan…

If I just helped my clients on this, is it enough? I’m chuckling as I type this because I feel confused just asking this question.

I spent a lot of time ADDING to my program and giving MORE to my clients versus doing less and making it qualitative. But who defines the quality? I do. It’s amazing, and it can be tweaked?

I want to ask myself more questions here to dig. I have an amazing program and have helped over 1,000 women reach their goal weight. I think something needs to change… and that feels true based on the evolution of business and being at year 7 wanting to help clients achieve their goals and get results faster