"My experience" vs more authoritative approach?

Hello Brooke,
I think I’m just going to fill up your business Q&A with all my blog set-up questions this month! I am sure I’m overthinking most of these things, but I am having so much fun! 🙂 I have a history of a number of years of Al-anon sponsoring and, in that tradition, my every sentence started with, “In my experience…” The way I hear you and your coaches differently is that you all take a much more “authoritative” approach, more like, “This is the way it is,” and then fill in now and then with an illustrative anecdote to color in the point you are making. I especially became aware of this when I heard your podcast with Dr. Heinz (sp?) and I heard her say (which I recognize she might not have ACTUALLY said, but it was my take-away :-)…) that in coaching we don’t want to sit around talking about our experience, we want to have research behind what we say. Is this all an accurate assessment? If so, I am recognizing that I have a lot of “de-programming” work to do as I find my coaching voice! 🙂
Thank you!!!