My First Course Launch

I am just starting my very first course launch of a brand new course. I worked very hard on the course and feel like it’s great! Plus I’m offering a lot of group support as a bonus. I had finally settled on a price of $497 with a 12 pay option. But as I begin to promote my webinar I like have this fear and thought that that price will be too high for people, like they’ll come to my free training and be like, “woah! That’s way too expensive… and peace out.” I feel like $297 is more of my ICAs price range… but I feel the course is worth more than that. I thought about doing a self study at $297 and a guided mastery study at $497… but I really want to support everyone who takes my course so I fell back to just going the $497 route. I just feel anxiety about this decision. I want to have a 5 figure launch so bad… I’ve been showing up every day as someone who is capable of that, but now… I’m hitting this doubt in my pricing, and I need to overcome this doubt so I can sell on my webinar with full confidence! Help!