My friend didn’t support my offer

I’m currently trying to validate my offer and I offered to my friend/client. It is an offer that I made thinking of her, because I know she doesn’t have a lot of money for coaching but is still really interested in coaching and has always support my work.

When I presented to her, at first she thought it was great , but when I told her the price (55usd monthly for a membership where people can get 1:1 coaching twice a week an much more) she immediately compare it with someone else’s offer (this someone else, has a bigger audience…way bigger and has a great reputation – vs – Im just starting my business an just have a couple clients). This other person charges 150 usd for a whole year.

The problem being: I now feel insecure about my offer.
T: I think she wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was expecting because she doesn’t have the money to pay for it, not because of its worth.

I try not to make her opinion mean anything about my offer, but I am making it mean that maybe my business is not good enough to charge that amount.- even though I have clients that pay me 60usd just for 1 hour of coaching.

I want to make my friends opinion a side when considering my offers, but is hard because she was my first ever paying client and is hard on me to dismiss her opinions.