My Impossible goal

My impossible goal is to make 100k in my coaching business before December 21, 2021.
I’m following the workbook and when I wrote down my 25 epics fails for the 1st quarter I see that apart from making offers every other day on my social medias, and create a bundle and sell it to 50 people, none of my epic fails will bring me money directly.
I have for example:
– going live every week in my FB group
– organizing a challenge in my IG and FB group
– Posting on IG 4 times per week
– Contacting 20 podcasts to be interviewed and being interviewed in 10
– running Fb ads to grow my mailing list

So, my epic fails are more about visibility and growing my audience than directly making money to get closer to my 100k goal. I will then make offers to this audience after nurture them in my FB group/ IG/list, but with this plan I guess I won’t make much money in Q1.

Am I doing it right or I missed something?

Thank you for your help.