My irresistible offer dilemma

I have two “money-back offers.”

#1 A 90-day money-back guarantee if at the end of your program you are not completely satisfied I will refund 100% of your money back.
#2 The cost of the program is $2K, you pay 1/2 up front and if you are not completely satisfied for whatever reason you do not have to pay the 2nd half of your program.

I don’t really even know if these are ok to do, they don’t feel good to say. My program is 12-weeks for $1K, it includes:
monthly group coaching
weekly one on one coaching
the 12-week video training series
weekly email list which will include challenges, check-ins, and recipes.

My other irresistible offers #2 & #3 are
“Only 12 clients will be accepted this month so hurry before the spots are filled”
“Get monthly coaching and online training for 1 year FREE after the program ends.”

My question(s) would be “Do you think that these are good enough offers for a $2K program? Do the offers sound compelling enough? And what could I add to make them more enticing?” Thanks.