My niche approach


I’m a Brazilian life coach who has been working mainly with the Brazilian market but not doing “pure” coaching and doing just ok business wise. I work with a coaching game (a business I have with my husband) and I train other coaches to become facilitators of the game so they can use it with their clients. But now I want to establish my coaching business separately and have been advised to go for the English market which is what we’re presently working with the game. The idea is that doing it in English could help connect the two and feed into each other (the game and my coaching) as well as being potentially a market where people would be more willing and able to pay for my services.

My questions are:
1. Would I have my coaching site in English only? I’m ok with that and I also think that would totally exclude (or not be friendly towards) the Brazilian market
2. Would I keep everything else in English only (Instagram, FB etc) or have a mix of content in both languages?

Many thanks for your help!