My niche is so vague it’s confusing

Hi Coaches.

The more I dive into the entrepreneurs videos, the more I find my niche vague, and I now realise that my audience must be feeling the same way. A little and a lot confused at what I’m actually offering them. What I can help them with 🙂

My transformation came in my late 30-ties, when I decided to live my life on purpose and with passion, because the alternative was slowly draining me.
I show women what is possible, every day. I love who I am becoming and I want it for all women…

But to narrow it down significantly, to speak to a very specific audience is challenging. Because I want to help everyone, I can’t see how to narrow it down to a fine point.

> My audience: Women between the ages of 35-55. Is this gap too big?

> Women that are questioning more in life.

> Women that feel a strong connection to their soul, but don’t yet believe in their unlimited possibilities.

> Women that desperately need to start loving themselves. To find the truth of who they are. To connect to their own power.

> Women that are ready to create extraordinary lives.

I have Googled and done research on FB to see what she would like, what she does, what her interests are…. And it’s as if I don’t know her at all…. Even though this was totally me 5 years ago. Back then I had no interest in FB as I was just trying to get through each day.

I feel as if I am getting closer… And yet I still feel that my niche is still waaaayyy too broad…

Thank you so much, in advance