My Niche Isn’t Narrow Enough

Hey hey!

I so told myself this wasn’t going to be a problem and now all of a sudden it is … :/

I’ve been working on my target market for way too long. I want it to be narrow and I’m having a hard time getting there with it. I’ve read Russel Brunsen’s book and tried at the worksheet. Here’s what I have thus far.

Niche 1:
Women between 25-45 coming from recently ended long-term relationships who are in a lot of pain and are having a hard time moving forward with their life and finding their purpose.
Break Through Your Breakup – Turn your pain into inspiration and your ashes into dreams. Coaching for the warrior women transforming into the next chapter of their lives.

Niche 2:
Women between 25-35 looking for a purpose or passion in life who still have student loan debt.

Niche 3:
I help women accomplish huge money goals while building out their sexuality.

Niche 4:
Women between 25-35 who want to make $100k in their passion project to pay off their student loans.

I feel overwhelmed at this point. I first started out with the first one a long time ago and that’s what my website is built out to but when I think about writing content for someone going through a breakup I don’t feel like it resonates with me anymore whereas I’ve crushed some AMAZING goals this year and would love to teach other females to do the same while incorporating my sexuality into it if that make sense? I don’t know how to take it the next step further. Get even narrow.

Sorry, I’m not indulging in confusion and overwhelm and I feel so lost at this point.

Thank you for your help in advance!