My Niche scares the crap out of me!

After really thinking about my niche. I decided I know what it really is, though it’s so scary! I believe that its only your thoughts that create pain and disease in your body right. So I’m from a Town in Australia where home birth is absolutely frowned upon. The hospital even goes so far as to lie to Mothers and tell them it is illegal!!! 22 Months ago I gave birth to my son myself at home. I did have the assistance of a Midwife, she has since been run out of town. During my pregnancy I was told many things that I needed such as immunisations, medications that I refused and healed with mindset and raw organic food (these were the same conditions I had with my previous 2 births, so I know it was just my brain telling me that this would happen again). My baby was also breach. In this town you are not permitted to give birth naturally to a breach baby, you must have a c- section. I delivered my baby at home. He was dubbed a miracle baby! ( what a load of b.s) . 9 Months later my son burned his finger on a steam vapourizer. LONG story short the hospital told me his finger needed to be amputated URGENTLY. To which I refused. I know the human body and the human mind really well and I knew he and I could heal his finger. Despite the attempts of medical intervention day after day and all the threats that he could lose his whole arm if we didn’t operate. We spent every day in the garden of the hospital, we never touched the hospital food and brought our own organic food in and we made him laugh every day as well as me tuning in to my intuition and my son, in 5 days he was released (dubbed miracle baby) and he does not even have a scar on his finger! So many times I could have surrendered to the advice of the hospital on both occasions and I believe the both of us would have very very different lives right now, and of course my husband.
I want to coach people that their body is on their side, that it is our mind that creates the disease, weight, pain in our bodies and that birth is the most natural thing on earth. I’m only scared…. What do you think?