My offer and if it will work

I’ve been working with a biz coach who encouraged me to increase my pricing 2 months ago when we started working together. I did right away (to a monthly rate I feel confident about) and provided her with an update on how things have gone thus far today on our call. I spoke to facts; 3 client sign ups, x marketing efforts per week, projects completed… My hope was to be given direction on next steps to gain greater traction and sales… Her response was interesting… it was about my price ($397 a month for online personal training) and that its harder for me to sell this to 200 people a month versus $5,000 to just 18). Her suggestion was for me to consider this change… Her thought is my circumstance. Id like to think im not being given adequate advice… Do you have any input for me here? My thought is; I can easily get 200 women inside my weight loss program monthly at $397 which made me feel confident and now has me thinking, “well, shiz, maybe no??” And now im feeling confused. I have data to prove whats NOT working, which of course perpetutes the exisiting result I have soooo can I borrow some of your thoughts and strategies pleeeease lol Thanks, Brooke!