My offer. I help working women stop bingeing for good so they can have space for romance.

I do 1-1 coaching where I help women reduce binge frequency by 50% in three months. At the end of the program, they will have more clarity, focus, and confidence. Time for relationships, instead of using that time for bingeing and the brain fog afterwards. And a protocol and ability to adhere. The protocol is specific to their body type, food preference and schedule.

Currently I did blogging for a couple months, got no traction. So I launched a YouTube channel. I’m committed to that as my form of marketing.

YouTube to free ebook to online courses to consult to one on one coaching.

Question 1 is about the offer. Is it specific enough?
Question 2 is what about Facebook ads. My people are for sure in FB groups but I feel with the nature of addiction, drawing them out of the cracks to come to me will be difficult.