My offer isn’t compelling enough

Since August I’ve done about 100 consults and I’ve signed 14 clients with an 8-week offer.

The number of applications I get and the number of consults I do tell me that there are people out there who have this problem and want help. But, the offer I make on the consult is obviously not compelling enough for them to throw their money at me. I often feel like they leave the consults feeling like they don’t really have as big of a problem as they thought (probably a way for their brain to protect themselves from change), and I often feel like I’m left trying to convince them that IS a big problem and “life on the other side” is so much better than they can imagine.

I know picking an ideal client that “doesn’t know they have a problem” is overcomplicating things, but these people KNOW they have a problem and they ARE suffering. But they have a habit of telling themselves (just like I used to do), that “it’s fine” or “it’ll probably be okay” or “next time I’ll just act differently”.

Any suggestions on what questions I can ask myself (or them) to dial this in? To make the offer more compelling? Because when I was at my worst, I would have done ANYTHING and paid anything for the solution I’m offering my clients. I’m just not hitting the nail on the head with my communication and offer.

If it’s relevant, my offer is that I help women go from overthinking to being independent and in control.