My quest to become a full time entrepreneur…..but the fears that’s preventing the leap!

Hello, I love my business and the service that it provides and it’s something that I would do for free because I love it so much. I’ve always worked a full time job while working my business on the side. I now no longer want to do any other outside work but work full time in and on my business. My fear is that I will hit the monetary goals that I’ve set but not continue do hit those monetary goals consistently year after year which will cause me to lose things that I now possess which would then cause me to abandon the business I love and go back to working for someone else. Am I reading too much into this fear? How do you propose that I resolve the fears that I have within my self of failure to move forward with my dreams? Also what should be my plans to move into full time entrepreneurship within the next 3-6 months? Thanks