My relationship with my former trainee

I’m a freelancer and I hired an intern last year to work with me. She wrote me an email yesterday to ask me advice about her education and her work, and to review her work.
I feel really reluctant to answer and give her my help, because I think she was lazy and didn’t reach my expectations as an intern. I don’t want to give her my time, because she didn’t complete her hours when she was an intern. I see her as being arrogant right now, wanting my good advice to reach success, but not wanting to work fully for me as an intern at the time.
I see I’m being very judgmental.

What is difficult for me is to acknowledge that I don’t want to write to her and to help her, and do what I want. My first move was to write a nice email, reluctantly. It feels like my first move was to please her, despite what I wanted.

I don’t really know how to manage the relationship, when I don’t want to involve further. Shall I ignore her? Tell her the truth? Pretend that I’m too busy to give her a complete answer?

I wrote these models:

C Email from my former intern
P She thinks she can just do whatever she wants.
E angry
A remember the past, ruminate about how I felt at the time, judge and criticize her, write an answer, delete her message and my answer, ruminate about what to do next, don’t focus about how I want to show up
R I’m not the professional I want to be

C Email from my former intern
T I don’t want to answer now and that’s ok
E acceptance
A don’t answer, write a thought download, write models, post a Ask a coach question
R make this situation a way to grow as a professional

I would love to read your feedback to gain more clarity. Thank you so much!