I’m the owner of a legal firm. Five years ago, I hired a guy called JLCF. At that moment, I had a little legal firm in growth. During this time, the firm has grown large, and I gave him more responsibilities and power. Last year, he asked for a raise, and I raised his salary 25 %, but he is not satisfied. Because he is a key employee for me, We are negotiating another increase in his wage plus giving him part of the company profits. I feel he is too demanding. It’s never enough for him, so I have contradictory feelings. I want to get an agreement with him because it is an important piece for me, but on the other side, I don’t want to pay him more than what I think is reasonable and generous. The funny thing is that he doesn’t have too many options because if he leaves the firm, he will not be better paid in any case. But even though, as my company is doing really well, I don’t want to put the business at risk at this moment when I can make a ton of money. So my feelings are divided. I want him to follow and be happy, and I could accept his demands, and it would be easier and less uncomfortable, but on the other side, I think, “Hey man, this is enough and is the red line.”
The agreement is near, but I know him, and we meet on Monday to continue, and he’ll probably ask for some more little things, so one part of me thinks “I’m not going to discuss more for little things. I could accept them and that’s all.” But the other says “Hey man, it’s more than enough and I’m not raising a single cent, because I’m fed up.”
Could you give me some advice?
Many thanks