My target market and other tales of drama

Ok, the other day, I came here with a bunch of questions and was told to go back and answer them myself. *facepalm* obviously, I needed to do that first.

OK, So I’m the IVF coach, and I think I am not specific enough with my target market or my offer. After a BUNCH of self-coaching and using my 20 min session in SCS, I have realized that all of that is not a problem. I do believe that my niche is specific enough.

A lot of my models are leading me to realize that I am lacking confidence in fully stepping into my role as an IVF coach and being an expert/ authority figure on the subject matter. I think that is preventing me from really nailing my offer or incorporating my more irreverent personality with my posts.

I have been working on what I think my offer is:
I help women who will go through, are going through, or have gone through fertility treatments- reduce their anxiety, end their suffering, and find joy in their lives.
I like the sound of it but I question if it is something that will convert; it doesn’t seem as concrete an offer as it could be.

As far as my confidence level- I have been doing general life coaching since I launched my business in April. I have made $25K doing general coaching but to date do not have any IVF clients. I have previously gotten coaching on my general coaching and how it’s not a problem that I haven’t had any IVF patients, but I can’t help but wonder if this is another sneaky way my brain is trying to convince me that I am not an “IVF Coach” yet because I don’t have any clients?

I know that I am an authority figure on IVF, for me, because I have gone through it and have walked the journey with several of my closest friends. But I hesitate to write content or do IG LIve’s to promote my stuff because my brain keeps saying “I don’t know what to talk about.” UGH, so frustrating!